Track C: Transport Sharing Solutions

Sharing raises efficiency. Create new business models, systems or adaptable vehicle designs serving multiple requirements to utilize capacities in passenger and product transportation more economically. Get started on track C.


Indications for inspiration:

  • Matching algorithm for last mile delivery or people mover;
  • Creating hybrid solutions between private vehicle use and mass or public transport;
  • Platforms for the management and service offering of sharing solutions;
  • Additional services and features for in-vehicle entertainment and advertising utilization;
  • Smart combination of different means of transportation for optimized convenience;
  • Additional services and features for in-car security and monitoring (e.g. seat monitoring);
  • In-car social media platform.


If your idea does not fit to any of the three tracks please have a look at the accelerator program Startup Autobahn, in which Daimler AG is also involved.

We are looking forward to working together with you!