Track A: Revolutionizing Cargo Space

Every day a large variety of goods is moved to, from and within the inner cities. How will parcels, groceries or disposals be carried in the future? Design the vehicle’s cargo systems for urban and suburban collection and delivery services. Run for track A with your ideas.


Indications for inspiration:

  • A new automated shelving system;
  • A modular active cooling system/box with individual temperature zones per cooling system/box and a plug-in system that connects the cooling system box with the shelving or the van itself;
  • Flexible, light and foldable loading carriers/boxes with integrated sensors (e.g. shock, temperature), which can be left with the end customers as well;
  • An intelligent dolly for the last meter delivery, which can overcome obstacles and stairways;
  • An automatization system to load and unload the cargo space;
  • Delivery robots/drones/rovers (free floating vs. stationary);
  • Dynamic cargo space concepts for changing parcel sizes;
  • Container loading system for parcels;
  • (Home) lockers for parcels and groceries.


If your idea does not fit to any of the three tracks please have a look at the accelerator program Startup Autobahn, in which Daimler AG is also involved.

We are looking forward to working together with you!